Sant Olio No.5 Peppermint



No.5 in Peppermint flavour.

Whole Spectrum Cannabinoid and Terpenes in Organic Hemp Seed oil and peppermint: this efficacy comes from the quality of the raw ingredients and the particular and refined method of solvent-free extraction that uses only temperature and pressure.

The resin obtained is therefore a direct representation of the plant that produced it. The result is an unaltered Phytocomplex with a gentle and delicate flavour.

Vegan. Organic. Non GMO Cannabis Sativa L. obtained from EU certified varieties in accordance with Italian Law n. 242/2016. THC concentration within the legal threshold. Keep refrigerated.

INGREDIENTS:320mg CDB and other Cannabinoids dry pressed extract of lyophilized Cannabis Sativa L. in Hemp Seed Organic Oil, Peppermint essential oil.

Recommended Use: Take 2 to 4 drops, twice daily. Do not exceed 200mg per day

Keep out of reach of children. Keep refrigerated upon opening.

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